• Feasibility Studies
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Plans
    • Sustainability Plans for NGOs
Feasibility Plans


​Determine and assess a new venture's (or expansion's) pros and cons before you plunge into the investment. Our feasibility studies empower you to base your decision on reliable and accurate information.

Moreover, our  consulting services incorporate detailed financial projections with all the financial ratios you'll need in case you need to bring investors on board.



Now that you have a clear picture of what your business is and what it will grow into, what are you going to do about it? What will you do to get there? To reach your goals?

This is where the business plan we will design for you comes in. Our business plans are thorough and comprehensive. They are strategic and tactical, and they are designed to provide you with a focused blue-print that will serve you well for the coming three to five years. And with out built in monitoring and evaluation tools, you will always know if you are on track, and if/ when you need to make any changes or adjustments so you achieve the results you set out for in your plan.

Business Plans
Sustainability Plans for NGOs

Sustainability plans for NGO's

Non-profit organizations aren't really supposed to make a profit, right? Yet, if you've ever worked at one, then you will know and appreciate the fact that NGO's more often than not operate in an environment that's even more competitive than the private sector.

You compete on donor funds, membership dues, and almost always on time and attention your constituents are willing to take out of their day to allocate to your cause.

The bottom line; you don't want to be profitable, but you certainly need to be sustainable. And that's exactly what we can provide you with; sustainability so you can continue to serve your constituents in the ways your NGO was intended to.



If you have a one-time project that you need handled swiftly and professionally, but can’t really justify hiring someone dedicated for that, then we’re your team.

From time to time, you might find yourself where you have a project that's not really part of your core business. Or maybe you were given a grant to improve a certain area of your business, and which needs to be managed properly so your donor keeps supporting you.

By relying on our skilled and experienced team, you will ensure that you project is carried out as planned, by the set deadline, and within the budget boundaries you set. Most importantly, our team will ensure that your project delivers and produces the results that made you get into the project to begin with!

Project Management Services