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Over the years, we've had the immense pleasure and privilege in working with the brands we're proudly listing on this page. So here it is; meet our impressive roster of clients!

Proud, because our clients are our DNA. After all, what other reason for existence could a business possibly have, if it weren't for its clients?

We thank each and every single one of our clients for their continuous support and patronage, and we look forward to adding your logo below soon.

Pinnacle Consulting Clients
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A full listing of our clients

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Advvise, Jordan (www.advvise.com)

Al Ghanem Trading & Contracting Co. LTD., Jordan (www.alghanemgroup.com)

Al Ghawi Trading Company, Jordan (www.ghawiic.com)

Al Jidara Investment Services, Jordan (www.aljidara.com)

Al Mahmoudiah Motors, Jordan (www.mahmoudiamotors.jo)

Al Naseem Trading Co., Jordan (www.therapedic.com)

Al Sheraa Group, Jordan

ALBUROOJ Medical Supplies LLC, Jordan

All Sports for Sporting Equipment, LLC, Jordan (www.sportland.jo)

Almond Technologies, Jordan (www.almond-technologies.com)

Alternatives, Inc., United Arab Emirates

American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan, Jordan (www.amcham.jo)

American University of Madaba, Jordan (www.aum.edu.jo)

Amman Chamber of Industry, Jordan (www.aci.org.jo)

Aqaba Community and Economic Development, Jordan (www.aced-jordan.com)

Aqaba Dive Association, Jordan (www.ada-jordan.org)

Aqaba Hotels Association, Jordan (www.aqabahotels.org)

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, Jordan (www.acwua.org)

Arabian Business Consultants for Development, Jordan (www.abcd.com.jo)

Arabtech Jardaneh, Jordan (www.aj-group.com)

Architect Engineers Business Council, Jordan (www.aeb-council.org)

Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, Jordan (www.afcea.org)

Ayla Oasis Development Co., Jordan (www.ayla.com.jo)

Bank al Etihad, Jordan (www.bankaletihad.com)

Bitar Consultants, Jordan (www.bitarconsultants.com)

Boutique Royale, Jordan (www.boutique-royale.com)

Brainy Nation, Jordan (www.thebrainynation.com)

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, United Kingdom (www.cagewarriors.com)

Call U, Palestine (www.callu.ps)

Capitalbank, Jordan (www.capitalbank.jo)

Challenger Team for Forming Leaders, Jordan (www.challengerteam.jo)

ChangeAgent for Arab Development and Education Reform, Jordan (www.cader.jo)

Cisco Systems, Lebanon (www.cisco.com)

Consulting Center for Autism, Jordan (www.ccajo.com)

d1g.com, Jordan (www.d1g.com)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Jordan (www.giz.de)

Devoteam Middle East, United Arab Emirates (www.devoteamme.com)

Double Tree Hotel By Hilton Aqaba, Jordan (www.doubletree.com)

EDAMA Association For Energy, Water & Environment, Jordan (www.edama.jo)

Edraak, Jordan (www.edraak.org)

Elia Al-Nims & Partners, Co., Jordan (www.hygex.com)

ELZAY Ready Wear Manufacturing Company, Jordan (www.elzay.com)

Employment, Technical & Vocational Education & Training Fund, Jordan (www.tvetfund.gov.jo)

Ensperity Ventures, Jordan (www.ensperity.com)

Envision Consulting Group, Jordan (www.enconsult.com)

Essentials Spa, Jordan (www.essentialsamman.com)

Etiquette Masters, Jordan (www.etiquette-masters.com)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Jordan (www.ebrd.com)

European Union Delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan (http://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/jordan/index_en.htm)

Fikra Jordan, Jordan (www.fikrajo.com)

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Canada (www.international.gc.ca)

Friends of Archaeology & Heritage, Jordan (www.foa.com.jo)

Globitel Modern Telecom Solutions, Jordan (www.globitel.com)

Hakema Women's Center, Jordan

Haya Cultural Center, Jordan (www.hcc.jo)

Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Jordan (www.hikma.com)

Indigo, Jordan (www.indigo-jo.com)

Information and Communications Technology Association - Jordan, Jordan (www.intaj.net)

INJAZ, Jordan (www.injaz.org.jo)

Integrated Technology Group, Jordan (www.itgsolutions.com)

Intel Corporation (Ltd), Jordan (www.intel.com)

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, Switzerland (www.cmc-global.org)

IrisGuard Incorporated, Jordan (www.irisguard.com)

Istishari Hospital, Jordan (www.istisharihospital.com)

Jabal Amman Residents Association, Jordan (www.jara-jordan.com)

Jabr & Co., Jordan (www.jabrconsult.com)

Jordan Carting, Jordan (www.jsc-kart.com)

Jordan Computer Society, Jordan (www.jcs.org.jo)

Jordan Education Initiative, Jordan (www.jei.org.jo)

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation, Jordan (www.jedco.gov.jo)

Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, Jordan (www.jhco.org.jo)

Jordan Heritage Revival Company, Jordan (www.jhrc.jo)

Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association, Jordan (www.jitoa.org)

Jordan River Foundation, Jordan (www.jordanriver.jo)

Jordan Society of Tourism & Travel Agents, Jordan (www.jsta.org.jo)

Jordan Tourism Board, Jordan (www.visitjordan.com)

Jordan Wood Industries Co., Jordan (www.jwico.com)

Justice Center for Legal Aid, Jordan (www.jcla-org.com)

Kawar Energy, Jordan (www.kawar.com)

Khutwa, Jordan (www.khutwa.me)

King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Jordan (www.kafd.jo)

King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology & Cancer, Jordan

Kinz for Information Technology, PSC, Jordan (www.kinz.jo)

Kiwi Media Solutions, Jordan (www.kiwims.com)

Luminus Education, Jordan (www.luminuseducation.com)

Madaba Development Tourism Association, Jordan (www.visitmadaba.org)

Maisam Architects & Engineers, Jordan (www.maisam.com.jo)

Masharek 360 Solutions Middle East, Jordan (www.masharek360.com)

Mathnasium Learning Centers, Jordan (www.mathnasium-jo.com)

Medical Aid for Palestinians - Jordan, Jordan (www.mapjordan.org)

Microsoft Jordan PSC, Jordan (www.microsoft.com/jordan)

Migrate Business Services, Jordan (www.migratemena.com)

Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship, Jordan (www.moict.gov.jo)

Nabateans International Investments Co. Ltd, Jordan (www.mcdonaldsarabia.com)

National Fund for Enterprise Support, Jordan (www.nafes.org.jo)

National Health Insurance Administration Co., Jordan (www.nathealth.net)

Nuqul Group, Jordan (www.nuqulgroup.com)

Oasis500, Jordan (www.oasis500.com)

Open Bethlehem, United Kingdom (www.openbethlehem.org)

Optikos Shami, Jordan (www.optikosshami.com)

Optimiza Solutions, Jordan (www.optimizasolutions.com)

Physio Medic, Jordan (www.physiomedic.net)

Professional Manufacturers for Chocolate & Confectionary Co., Jordan (www.pmc-chocolate.com)

Project Life Style, Jordan (www.projectlifestyle.jo)

Public Security Directorate, Jordan (www.psd.gov.jo)

Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, Jordan (www.qrf.org)

Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Jordan (www.qrta.edu.jo)

REAL Cosmetics, Jordan (www.realcosmetics.jo)

Riyada Growth Capital Fund in Jordan, Abraaj Capital, Jordan (www.riyada.com)

Rotaract Club of Amman-Petra, Jordan

Rotary Club of Amman Citadel, Jordan (www.rotaryammancitadel.org)

Royal Film Commission, Jordan (www.film.jo)

Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan

Royal Health Awareness Society, Jordan (https://www.rhas.org.jo)

Royal Marine Conservation Society, Jordan (www.jreds.org)

Royal Scientific Society, Jordan (www.rss.jo)

Rubikomm Telecom Solutions, Jordan (www.rubikomm.com)

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Jordan (www.siast.sk.ca)

Schema - Tactical Thinking, United Arab Emirates (www.schematt.com)

Schema Transformational Management, United Arab Emirates (www.meiod.org)

Septagram L.L.C., Jordan (www.962jordan.com)

Servtech International, Qatar (www.servtech-co.com)

Shami Eye Center, Jordan (www.shamieye.com)

Shams Gardens, Jordan (www.shamsgardens.com)

Shams Ma'an Power Generation PSC, Jordan (www.shamsmaan.com)

Sharkatly International, Jordan (www.sharkatly.com)

Sight and Sound Educational Center, Jordan (www.sight.jo)

Sigma-Consulting Engineers, Jordan (www.sigma.com.jo)

Social Security Corporation of Jordan, Jordan (www.ssc.gov.jo)

Spa Amber, Jordan (www.physiomedic.net)

Special Orders For Restaurants Management, Jordan (www.thecakery.jo)

Systems and Electronic Development FZCO, Jordan (www.sedco-online.com)

T. Gargour & Fils Co., Jordan (www.tgf.com.jo)

Tahboub Bros. for International Supplies LLC, Jordan (www.tahboub.org)

The Children's Museum Jordan, Jordan (www.cmj.jo)

The Dome Co., Jordan (www.thedome-jo.com)

The Free Thought Forum, Jordan (www.freethoughtforum.org)

The One, Jordan (www.theone.com)

The Public Syndicate of Mechanical Professions, Jordan

United Nations Development Programme, Jordan (www.arab-hdr.org)

USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project, Jordan (www.siyaha.org)

USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program, FHI360, Jordan (www.csp-jordan.org)

VTEL Holdings Ltd., Jordan (www.vtel.ae)

W.R. Abdul-Hadi & Co., Jordan (www.wraco.jo)

Welfare Association, Palestine (www.taawon.org)

Yanboot Jerash Agricultural, Jordan (www.yanboot.com)