Let's dig into the details ...

Since you clicked through to this page, we presume you might be interested in our 360-degree event management services. So here are all the details. But in reality, there is so much more we do. Too much to include all in one website.


This is where it all begins; translating your initial idea into a solid concept for a conference or forum. This is where we answer the pressing questions about your planned event; What is it all about? Why is this important? Who needs to attend, and why? Is it a local, regional, or global event? What other similar events are being held by others, and why are those successful (or not)?

We also start looking at some numbers at this time. What's the budget and how much will it cost? Is the event free or will you charge delegates to attend? How much will we need to raise in sponsorships? Are there any donor agencies who may have a vested interest in the topic and could therefore be willing to fund part of the expected costs?

And of course, no endeavor can succeed without a detailed project plan to ensure our end-to-end services cover all there is to cover, and that they all get done in due time. What are the various working phases and tasks involved? When do they begin and end? What are the critical milestones we need to keep an eye on?

All of these questions—and then some more—will be thoroughly addressed at the outset, so you'll know exactly what you're getting into. And to ensure you are involved at all times, we’ll move everything onto an online portal so you can practically live the event with us, to the extent you desire of course.


A main reason why people attend conferences and forums is quality content. Content that's current, trending, and that's hot. Content that is delivered by the best presenters or panelists in the field.

This is why we spend tremendous amounts of effort and time to research your conference's theme/ topic, and along the way involve as many people and stakeholders as possible. Ultimately of course, this will translate into your agenda and roster of speakers.

Now that you have the ideal theme and content, you need people to deliver that in an impactful manner. Here's where we recruit magnets (keynotes and speakers who attract registrations), and a group of speakers and panelists who are not only subject matter experts but are also superb communicators.​

Then there's also the matter of recruiting great moderators, discussion leaders, and masters of ceremonies who are blessed with the rare skill of keeping people attentive, alert, and foremost all-seated between sessions.​​

​And the beauty of it all, imagine the extent you can enhance the quality of your content, once you have this magnificent team on board and they start collaborating with us on the event and their respective sessions. It sometimes takes months, but it always pays off in the end.


​Conferences and forums have a way of costing quite a bit, especially when they have a regional or global outreach. Although only a few of the events we work on do not aim at making a profit, no organization can afford to create a "black hole." At the very least, your event needs to carry its own weight and break even, right? But then again, we've seen quite a few events that made a very handsome profit as well. So it's all really up to you.

This is why we will help your organization seek out the right sponsors for your brand. Sponsors who not only share your values in respect of the subject matter but who are also willing (and happy) to support you financially so that it all becomes feasible and possible.
So, to secure the funds you will need, we first calculate a detailed and accurate budget, so we all know what it'll take. Then we break down the amount we'll seek from sponsors into attractive packages with different appeals and benefits, identify suitable sponsors from our massive database, prepare a really cool looking - yet compelling - sponsorship package, and start pitching it all out.
​​But we don't stop there. We get the contracts signed, invoices issued, and make sure your money is collected in due time so your cash flow stays healthy and positive throughout the event's planning and management cycle. All moneys are of course processed exclusively through your own bank accounts.


Like all else in life, your event won't market itself. Regardless of how well preparations are going, if the room isn't filled, it'll be a waste of time and effort. Plus, you're not only competing with similar events, but more importantly, you are competing on people's time; time they're willing to spend outside their offices attending forums and events.

​This is where our marketing works its magic! By using an effective arsenal of communication tools, we not only make sure people get interested in your event and sign up but also ensure they stay on board and don't end up canceling their registrations later on. We accomplish this by maintaining a continuous and intense drip campaign to keep those who have signed up engaged and excited about the event they are about to attend, and of course, generate more registrations through referrals.
​And being the marketers that we all are, our approach is not an ad-hoc one, but one that's built on sound marketing planning; identifying the target audiences, their needs and aspirations, designing compelling key messages, and building a tactical marketing plan that drives the message home.

​Registrations & ​Badges

​This is a part of our work that happens mostly in the background, but that's nonetheless as important as all the others. By deploying our customized Event Management System, receiving and managing registrations is a seamless and live process. Participants get to self-manage their data as needed, so what ends up being printed on their badges is 100 percent correct.

Plus, you'll have 24/7 live reports and statistics via an online dashboard and automated reports so that you'll always know how your event is coming along. Our systems also issue invoices, collect payments, handle refunds, and otherwise manage all money-related matters so your team won't have to hassle with the paperwork.
​​Last but not least, printing badges is done in a breeze and last-minute registrations or alterations can easily printed out onsite without creating chaos. We bring along our complete setup - including secure and high-speed internet connection - retrieve records, make changes, push a button, and out comes the new badge in a matter of seconds.


This is where we roll up our sleeves and work on the ground. Once we've finished all the designs and artwork, we get busy procuring and producing all these elements that collectively will make your event look exceptionally gorgeous.

Chances are, you've got your own set of policies and procedures to procure goods and services. Those differ from client to client, but we always abide by and play by the rules. After all, we wouldn't want you to get into trouble with your internal auditors once the event is over, right?
Once we've chosen the best vendors (and we focus on value for money), we process your purchase orders and monitor production, installation, and quality control. Here's where we make sure you get what you paid for and then some more.
​This includes - but is not limited to - branding items, sound and lighting, food and beverage, badges and lanyards, t-shirts and uniforms, filming and productions, internet access and technology ... and about everything else that'll be needed before, during, and after your event.

And while we're at this point, it's worth to mention that we are super environmentally friendly. This means that printed materials are a no-no (unless you insist), stuff that can't be recycled or reused won't be even considered, and all banners and such are replaced with high-resolution screens (which look cooler anyway).


​You can't even begin to imagine the flood of requests we receive and handle as the event gets closer and closer. Starting from simple tasks such as visas for non-local delegates to complex travel requirements for key speakers, we've got it all under control. But not to worry, our system is built robustly just for that and can handle any and all travel-related requests anyone could wish for.

Logistics also includes importing and exporting goods and materials, especially from exhibitors and sponsors. This sounds trivial, but if you've ever tried to import and re-export anything, you'll have an idea of what this entails. Our insights into legal requirements, rules, and regulations play an important role here, as one missing document could easily turn exporting samples after the conference into a nightmare. But that's something we won't bore you with of course, and will handle in the background.
​Logistics also includes arranging transportation requirements, such as airport pickup and drop-off, and shuttle buses (particularly when the event is held at the Dead Sea). And then there are always logistical requests from some speakers and delegates who would like to visit some touristic sites in Jordan. Loving our heritage the way we do, we wouldn't want to deprive them of this pleasure of course and do all we can to make sure they have a blast while visiting our beloved Jordan.


Your event is in 48 hours and it's getting serious. A small army of people is on-site installing countless items, food and beverage people are frantic, delegates are beginning to arrive and want to be pampered, and everything is happening at once. In other words, it’s ON!

It'll seem overwhelming, and it'll seem chaotic. But this is our element. This is when you'll see us as fish in water. This is where we belong, and this is what we love to do. In fact, the more you stay away from the details, the happier we will all be. This is a core function of what you hired us for. And we're brilliant at it. So relax, enjoy the show, and focus on practicing your opening remarks and welcome speech. And foremost of all, don't forget to network and build new business relationships!
​And to put your mind at ease even more, our team will camp out there if necessary. We're not leaving the place until every tiny detail has been attended to (right down to inspecting restrooms to make sure they're properly cleaned). Again, your friendly neighborhood event management team at your service.


​The end of an event is by no means the end of our work. A lot remains to be done after the curtains close and the standing ovation is over. In fact, it usually takes over a month to wrap things up properly.

For one, all financial matters need to be settled. There are going to be lots of bills that need to be settled, and which we make sure are correct and in compliance with what you agreed to. Sometimes, there are also accounts receivable we need to collect, although we make sure these are in your bank before the actual event begins.
Then we need to run a post-event satisfaction survey. We'll all be keen to see the extent to which our audience was satisfied and happy with their recent experience, right? This involves an extensive survey that needs to be built, distributed, collected, and then analyzed. Once that's done with, bingo, you have your complete event report, which documents all there is to know so you can capitalize on the lessons learned for your next conference.

​Finally, we wrap up documentation. We will provide you with all the working files that have been created/ used for your event, as those are your property. And once we've collected all the pictures and videos, we'll use our super-fast internet connection to upload them to your social media platforms so you can show off what you've just accomplished.