You may from time to time need professional project management skills and tools, but if that does not happen frequently enough, then you may want to consider outsourcing the management of your one-time or ad-hoc projects to professionals; a professional and trained team such as Pinnacle's project management experts.

Hiring a full-time project manager (or team) is not always the most effective or cost-efficient solution. It also does not make much sense to burden your team with the task of managing a project if they're not trained to do so. It'll divert their attention from their core business functions, and it'll lead to a lot of frustration.


This is where a team such as Pinnacle's comes in handy. We will assign a team leader and members who will make sure that the project your organization is about to engage in is handled and managed in the best and most professional fashion possible. Amongst others, we will make sure your project is on schedule, does not exceed budgetary boundaries, and most importantly, it delivers and produces the results you aimed for to begin with.


To manage our own (and your) projects, we use Zoho Projects exclusively. We will never be able to explain what a great tool this is until you get on board and watch us (and the tool) at work. And this is exactly what will happen once you engage us; you will join our online project management portal and "stay in the know" at all times, and at the level you feel comfortable with. Ranging from monitoring tasks, deliverables, and KPIs to document management and version tracking, it'll all be on there in plain sight for you to see and monitor.


We promise you diligence, professional conduct, and most importantly, transparency and honesty. This means that should your project tend to fall behind, exceed budgets, or not produce results, we will inform you openly and considerably in advance. In other words, we won't tell you "sorry, this project is behind schedule and your sponsor has pulled funds", but rather "look, at the pace this is moving forward, your project will start falling behind in two weeks, which will jeopardize your relationship with the sponsor. Let's meet and sit with them from now to extend the deadline on these tasks and milestones, and get it all approved and signed off so it won't become a problem in the future."