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On-Site Presence &
​Venue Management

Your event is in 48 hours and it's getting serious. A small army of people is on-site installing countless items, food and beverage people are frantic, delegates are beginning to arrive and want to be pampered, and everything is happening at once. In other words, it’s ON!

It'll seem overwhelming, and it'll seem chaotic. But this is our element. This is when you'll see us as fish in water. This is where we belong, and this is what we love to do. In fact, the more you stay away from the details, the happier we will all be. This is a core function of what you hired us for. And we're brilliant at it. So relax, enjoy the show, and focus on practicing your opening remarks and welcome speech. And foremost of all, don't forget to network and build new business relationships!

To make sure all is covered, plans are executed in a timely manner, and all contingencies are planned ahead, here are some of our core on-site functions:

  • Manage complete setup activities, testing, compliance inspection
  • Manage and supervise technical (installation) teams
  • Minute-by-minute event script, show-running
  • Conduct multiple rehearsal sessions prior the event
  • Prepare all halls/rooms; setup, content/ presentations/ videos, materials, etc.
  • Coach/ manage team of ushers
  • Seating arrangements
  • Liaise with Royal Protocol
  • Man help desk and registration area
  • Supervise on-site technology (laptops, presentations)
  • Consolidate all event materials (presentations, etc.) on podium(s)
  • Deal with last minute changes (i.e. changes in program, replacement of speakers, etc.)
  • Dedicated show-runner
  • Manager F&B services and suppliers in accordance to the agenda’s break periods
  • Onsite secure storage area for organizers, management, and exhibitors
  • Cleaning and maintenance throughout the event
  • Ensure a first-aid room is setup and available for emergencies
  • On-site presence; end-to-end management and coordination
​And to put your mind at ease even more, our team will camp out there if necessary. We're not leaving the place until every tiny detail has been attended to (right down to inspecting restrooms to make sure they're properly cleaned). Again, your friendly neighborhood event management team at your service.