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​Conferences and forums have a way of costing quite a bit, especially when they have a regional or global outreach. Although only a few of the events we work on do not aim at making a profit, no organization can afford to create a "black hole." At the very least, your event needs to carry its own weight and break even, right? But then again, we've seen quite a few events that made a very handsome profit as well. So it's all really up to you.

This is why we will help your organization seek out the right sponsors for your brand. Sponsors who not only share your values in respect of the subject matter but who are also willing (and happy) to support you financially so that it all becomes feasible and possible.
So, to secure the funds you will need, we first calculate a detailed and accurate budget, so we all know what it'll take. Then we break down the amount we'll seek from sponsors into attractive packages with different appeals and benefits, identify suitable sponsors from our massive database, prepare a really cool looking - yet compelling - sponsorship package, and start pitching it all out.
​​But we don't stop there. We get the contracts signed, invoices issued, and make sure your money is collected in due time so your cash flow stays healthy and positive throughout the event's planning and management cycle. All moneys are of course processed exclusively through your own bank accounts.

And as we sign up more and more sponsors, we keep meticulous track of the benefits you promised them, ensuring you are in compliance at all time. This will not only make your sponsors enjoy their experience with your brand, but significantly facilitate future sponsorships and partnerships.

To give you a glimpse of what goes into successful sponsorship recruitment, check out this summary list:

  • Compile a list of targeted sponsors with primary and secondary contacts
  • Design various sponsorship packages and benefits
  • Prepare an attractive sponsorship packet that clearly demonstrates the benefits of sponsoring your event
  • Launch a drip campaign to move prospects through a proven sales funnel
  • Work with interested respondents on a case-by-case basis to close the deal
  • Document why prospects are lost
  • Provide prospects in the final stages with a proposal that comes right out of their record in our CRM system
  • Negotiate final benefits and prices
  • Prepare, share, and digitally sign sponsorship contracts
  • Issue invoices and collect payments
  • Monitor your compliance with benefits promised
  • Send personalized thank-you notes once the event concludes