​A marketing strategy is a long-term approach and method of focusing an organization's marketing energies and resources on a specific set of competitive advantages. This approach will lead to an increase in brand equity and recognition, sales, and ultimately dominance of one or more targeted market niches. In short, you need to know precisely where you are heading before you set sail!


​Pinnacle's marketing strategies are always built on the solid foundation of adequate research and analysis. We utilize an adequate mix of desk, quantitative, and qualitative research so our plans reflect market trends, and the aspirations and values of your target markets, segments, and audiences. Competitive analyses are of course always included to assess how your customers perceive your brand versus its competitors.


​When most people think of Marketing, they are primarily thinking of Promotions. Well, that's only one of the Marketing Mix's Ps. Our strategic marketing plans incorporate the critical elements of Product, Price, Place, Promotions, People, Processes, and Physical Appearance. With those nailed down, your brand has an Extended Marketing Mix that is comprehensive, fully integrated, and relays your core values at all touch-points throughout your customers' journey, starting from their initial online search, to finding your location, and all the way through their physical experience as they interact with your sales staff in-store (or otherwise).


By deploying a marketing strategy that has been designed by Pinnacle, you ensure that all your tactical communication activities are right on target and generate the results you expect. You get to know exactly whom you are targeting and with what key messages, and will avoid a common pitfall many brands make; communicating ad-hoc messages that are neither appealing nor targeted. That, and the fact that all your tactics are now focused and serve one or more specific strategic objectives.

a 360 Cycle in marketing

Ideally, we'd love to start you off with a through market research program so we all understand what makes your target segments and audiences click with your brand and product or service. Then we'll use that to build a strategic approach to your long-term marketing plan, so all that follows has purpose and makes sense. Based on that, we will build a tactical marketing plan that spans from designing the perfect product, to communicating your brand and other values to your target audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient approaches. And finally, we'll handle all of that on your behalf so you can get back to your core business activity which should be producing that great product of yours.