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​The end of an event is by no means the end of our work. A lot remains to be done after the curtains close and the standing ovation is over. In fact, it usually takes over a month to wrap things up properly.

For one, all financial matters need to be settled. There are going to be lots of bills that need to be settled, and which we make sure are correct and in compliance with what you agreed to. Sometimes, there are also accounts receivable we need to collect, although we make sure these are in your bank before the actual event begins.
Then we need to run a post-event satisfaction survey. We'll all be keen to see the extent to which our audience was satisfied and happy with their recent experience, right? This involves an extensive survey that needs to be built, distributed, collected, and then analyzed. Once that's done with, bingo, you have your complete event report, which documents all there is to know so you can capitalize on the lessons learned for your next conference.

​Finally, we wrap up documentation. We will provide you with all the working files that have been created/ used for your event, as those are your property. And once we've collected all the pictures and videos, we'll use our super-fast internet connection to upload them to your social media platforms so you can show off what you've just accomplished.

So to sum up all we do after the end event, here are some key activities that are always carried out:

  • Disseminate “thank-you” notes to participants, speakers, and sponsors
  • Ensure all outstanding accounts receivable have been collected
  • Ensure all outstanding accounts payable are verified and settled
  • Prepare and distribute the event’s online satisfaction survey, analyze results and prepare final report
  • Prepare branded post-event report
  • Upload multimedia content to the event’s various social media channels
  • Upload all presentations (upon obtaining written consent from owners) to the event’s website
  • Distribute electronic branded and personalized certificates of attendance
  • Update website into “post-event” format for future references and downloads