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This is where we roll up our sleeves and work on the ground. Once we've finished all the designs and artwork, we get busy procuring and producing all these elements that collectively will make your event look exceptionally gorgeous.

Chances are, you've got your own set of policies and procedures to procure goods and services. Those differ from client to client, but we always abide by and play by the rules. After all, we wouldn't want you to get into trouble with your internal auditors once the event is over, right?
Once we've chosen the best vendors (and we focus on value for money), we process your purchase orders and monitor production, installation, and quality control. Here's where we make sure you get what you paid for and then some more.
​This includes - but is not limited to:
  • Exterior & interior branding – backdrops, banners, stages, settings, posters, etc.
  • Exhibition area and facilities; structure, furniture, electrical, internet access
  • Audio, visual, lighting throughout entire venue
  • Venue, food and beverage, entertainment
  • Instant translation
  • Participants’ packs and give-away items
  • Badges and lanyards
  • Printing of event booklet and guide
  • Interactive event App
  • Polo shirts for organizers and support teams
  • Onsite internet access, computers, printers
  • Setup of press/media rooms, business centers
Special requests of speakers needed for their workshops and presentations
​... and about everything else that'll be needed before, during, and after your event.

And while we're at this point, it's worth to mention that we are super environmentally friendly. This means that printed materials are a no-no (unless you insist), stuff that can't be recycled or reused won't be even considered, and all banners and such are replaced with high-resolution screens (which look cooler anyway).