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Like all else in life, your event won't market itself. Regardless of how well preparations are going, if the room isn't filled, it'll be a waste of time and effort. Plus, you're not only competing with similar events, but more importantly, you are competing on people's time; time they're willing to spend outside their offices attending forums and events.

​This is where our marketing works its magic! By using an effective arsenal of communication tools, we not only make sure people get interested in your event and sign up but also ensure they stay on board and don't end up canceling their registrations later on. We accomplish this by maintaining a continuous and intense drip campaign to keep those who have signed up engaged and excited about the event they are about to attend, and of course, generate more registrations through referrals.

Here are some of the activities we will execute to promote your event:

  • Periodic newsletters with exciting updates
  • Announcing important speakers
  • Encourage registered delegates to add more from their team
  • Seek the support of stakeholders to promote your event to their constituents
  • Continuously update the event website
  • Social media posts and promotions
  • Website SEO
  • Digital advertising
  • Recruit media partners to spread the word
  • Organize and conduct press conferences
  • Prepare and disseminate press releases
  • Work with relevant websites to add linked banners for your event website
​And being the marketers that we all are, our approach is not an ad-hoc one, but one that's built on sound marketing planning; identifying the target audiences, their needs and aspirations, designing compelling key messages, and building a tactical marketing plan that drives the message home.