Market Research

Don't base critical marketing decision on assumptions that may be outdated or misleading. Whether you need to research the needs, wants, and demands of your market segments or understand your competitors' positioning vis-a-vis your brand, look no further. Our services include quantitative and qualitative market research techniques and cover the entire Kingdom.


Pinnacle deploys an arsenal of online and offline research tactics (in most cases a combination of both) to attain sample sizes that adequately represent the targeted population. All the research programs we conduct meet our minimum compliance requirement of a 95% confidence level at a 5% error margin, and in some scenarios even exceed those if necessary.


No market research program is complete and reliable without a reasonable number of focus groups and/or one-on-one interviews. Our qualitative researches will yield answers and insights that can hardly be obtained through mass surveys and questionnaires, and will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the particular subject-matter you are researching.


Our research activities include all regions and governates of Jordan. And by utilising a very large team of on-ground professional surveyors who've been doing this for years and years, we won't need more than about two weeks to generate 1,500 qualified and verified responses - just in case that many are needed.


Even if you only need us to do your research for you, you will still receive a report that's complete with detailed analysis, observations, and recommendations. Plus, all data generated for you are of course furnished in raw format in case you need to do your own number-crunching.