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Registrations &

​This is a part of our work that happens mostly in the background, but that's nonetheless as important as all the others. By deploying our customized Event Management System, receiving and managing registrations is a seamless and life process. Participants get to self-manage their data as needed, so what ends up being printed on their badges is 100 percent correct.

Plus, you'll have 24/7 live reports and statistics via an online dashboard and automated reports so that you'll always know how your event is coming along. Our systems also issue invoices, collect payments, handle refunds, and otherwise manage all money-related matters so your team won't have to hassle with the paperwork.
Pinnacle's event management services now incorporate a fully-featured online payment platform that integrates seamlessly with our various registration and other forms. Our global gateway allows us to integrate a payment button/link in websites and registration forms to:
  • Collect instant payments for registrations via credit cards without the need for sending manual links to complete the transaction
  • Automate refunds based on cancellation policies and terms & conditions as defined by the client
  • Transfer cleared amounts to the client’s bank account as soon as they are received in our bank account*
  • Provide you with a dashboard to monitor registrations received, settled, (if) any outstanding balances, and refunds issued. 
In addition to registration fees, our system and payment integration can also be used to collect settlements for sponsorship and booth rental fees, donations, and any other transaction purpose the client may require. Adding to that our new event management platform which basically handles any aspect of your event you may require in a fully automated and transparent fashion, managing events has become more efficient and effective than ever before.

Features and functions that make our system exceptionally effective and efficient include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-lingual registration forms that adapt to the respondents information (showing/hiding data fields depending on information provided)
  • Pre-populate update forms with data that's already on file
  • Dispatch a multitude of automated, yet personalized email messages (thank you notes, reminders, requests for additional data, etc.)
  • Generate invoices and collect payments, issue refunds
  • Generate printed/digital badges
  • Self check-in via QR codes, tracking of attendance
  • Automated data reporting to relevant authorities
  • Tracking of email opens/clicks
  • Track personal preferences (special meals, etc.)
  • Manage travel, hotels, logistics
  • Automate generation and distribution of attendance and other certificates in PDF formats via personalized email messages
​​Last but not least, printing badges is done in a breeze and last-minute registrations or alterations can easily printed out onsite without creating chaos. We bring along our complete setup - including secure and high-speed internet connection - retrieve records, make changes, push a button, and out comes the new badge in a matter of seconds.

* Applicable service fees will be deducted