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​​Logistics, Travels,
Hotels ​& Support

​You can't even begin to imagine the flood of requests we receive and handle as the event gets closer and closer. Starting from simple tasks such as visas for non-local delegates to complex travel requirements for key speakers, we've got it all under control. But not to worry, our system is built robustly just for that and can handle any and all travel-related requests anyone could wish for.

Logistics also includes importing and exporting goods and materials, especially from exhibitors and sponsors. This sounds trivial, but if you've ever tried to import and re-export anything, you'll have an idea of what this entails. Our insights into legal requirements, rules, and regulations play an important role here, as one missing document could easily turn exporting samples after the conference into a nightmare. But that's something we won't bore you with of course, and will handle in the background.
​Logistics also includes arranging transportation requirements, such as airport pickup and drop-off, and shuttle buses (particularly when the event is held at the Dead Sea). And then there are always logistical requests from some speakers and delegates who would like to visit some touristic sites in Jordan. Loving our heritage the way we do, we wouldn't want to deprive them of this pleasure of course and do all we can to make sure they have a blast while visiting our beloved Jordan.

An then there's of course our VIP services. We understand that you will most likely capitalize on your event to build and strengthen long-lasting building relations with some of your delegates. Just let us know who they are, and we will make sure they are in awe from the time they arrive until they leave again.

Lat but not least, one we announce the event and it's online, we will use a dedicated phone number (event hotline) which people can call or chat with so all their unique needs and requirements are handled properly on a case-by-case basis.